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Immigration, citizenship and international residency programs.

Immigration, citizenship and international residency programs.

Houmssi Law Firm provides residence, citizenship and second citizenship services by investment to all clients from all over the world. Our office has experience and investment programs in helping all the wealthy, businessmen and their families to obtain citizenship and foreign residency, we mention it to you:

European countries: Cyprus - Malta - Moldova - Portugal and Turkey.

Caribbean: Antigua - Barbuda - Saint Lucia - Saint Kitts - Nevis - Grenada and Dominica.

Benefits of obtaining citizenship again:

-Visa-free travel to nearly 182 international destinations around the world.
-Access to Schengen countries, UK, Canada, USA and China.
-The time period ranges from (3-6 months) for most citizenship programs.
-Citizenship granted for life can not be canceled.
-No taxes are imposed on non-residents.
-Promotion, stability and safety of the family.
-Dual citizenship is permitted.