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About us

Houmssi Law Firm for Financial and Economic Consulting, Reconciliation and Arbitration

The office was established by the lawyer Dr. Ahmad Houmssi in 2009, who holds a doctorate in international economic law and is a teacher of trade and corporate law in a number of Syrian universities and institutes, in addition to a high diploma in administrative and financial sciences from the American University (Florida) also a diploma in management Corporate budgets and economic feasibility from the International Academy.

He is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Aluriline Offshore Company since 2023 which carries out group projects Oil and Gas and Acquisitions.
And also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Accenture Limited Liability Company for Industry and Trade since 2023, which implements a group of industrial, electronic and information projects within the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.

Houmssi Law Firm, Legal, Economic and Financial Consultations, Arbitration and Reconciliation contributed to the development of some Syrian legislation and relied on the unconventional organization of law firms, as it includes a team of specialized lawyers with important experience within the legal field, in addition to a team of public relations and marketing officials and specialists in economic studies and feasibility, He also developed his work to enter with partnerships and partnerships with a number of law firms in various Arab and European countries, including:

(Lebanon - Jordan - Iraq - United Arab Emirates - Kuwait - Bahrain - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Egypt - Turkey - United Kingdom - France - Cyprus - Germany - China - Iran).​

As Houmssi Law Firm, Legal, Economic, Financial Consultation, Reconciliation and Arbitration was added to the website of the VIP Directory.
The name of the lawyer, Dr. Ahmad Houmssi, has been added to the VIP book.

Houmssi Law Firm, Legal, Economic and Financial Advice, Reconciliation and Arbitration Office was added to the Global Business Directory in the Netherlands for the year 2021-2022.

Our office has also been added to the Business Directory in the European Union for the year 2021-2022.

Houmssi Law Firm, Legal, Economic and Financial Consulting, Reconciliation and Arbitration is a member of the European Bar Association (AEA).

Our office has a weekly program that is broadcast on Syria Al-Ghad TV every Wednesday at ten in the morning.

It is a legal and economic consultancy office that includes a team of specialized lawyers. It has its headquarters in Damascus - the city center - Damascus Tower, 17th floor, offices No. 5 and 7 for companies, where it provides many legal, financial and economic services in the business sector.


Houmssi Law Firm believes in the following values ​​in the legal work and legal profession:
Provide the best results and the most accurate prices.
new ideas and choosing the best and shortest solution.
Commitment to the rules of conduct, ethics, principles, honesty and justice.
  • The need to be constantly informed of the latest legal developments and developments in Syria and the region.
  •  Promote specialization and the necessity to provide appropriate specialized experiences for each issue to achieve the best results.
  • The speedy completion of cases handled by the office.


The terms of reference for Al-Houmssi Law Firm, Financial and Economic Consulting, Arbitration and Reconciliation
Our office also represents a group of large and important companies inside and outside Syria and within the following specialties:
  • Conciliation and Arbitration Department.
  • Department of companies and trade.
  • Department of factories and laboratories.
  • The Department of Intellectual Property Protection (Industrial and Commercial), Copyrights and Adjacent Rights, are authorized agents in Syria registered under No. 6314 and internationally registered in the International Organization for International Intellectual Property (WIPO) in Geneva.
  • Department of banks, banks and financial institutions.
  • Personnel and Workers Affairs Section.
  • Insurance department.
  • Department of Economic Studies, Finance, Budgets and Financial Auditing:
  • Certified Agents for Vue Du Soleil in France.
  • Criminal Section (Stock Exchange crimes, Forex, terrorism, and missing persons).
  • Department of contracts, real estate and taxes.
  • Fund portfolio investment and management.
  • Immigration, Naturalization and Citizenship Department: Certified agents from the International Citizenship Bay Company in Dubai, in addition to   SAVVA & Associates in Cyprus.
  • International Investment Department.
  • Department of embassies and international organizations.


This is in addition to the expertise of our office in each of the following areas:
  • Telecommunications sector.
  • The advertising sector, advertising companies and everything related to them.
  • The oil and gas companies sector in terms of its contracts with the public sector and its internal contracts.
  • Systems and provisions of the Internet and social networks via the Internet and others.
  • The Tax and Financial Fees Law and everything related to it.

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Houmssi Law Firm for Financial and Economic Consulting Arbitration and Reconciliation